Saturday, July 17, 2010

Further proof - that I am, indeed, insane.

Somehow, I have agreed/been persuaded/decided to walk the half marathon in 8 or so weeks.

Not a big deal - I know. It seems like most of my peeps are running the full for godsake (why do I like these people?!), and I figure if I have to do it - the few left not taking part should have to as well. Lab team! Team t-shirts! Fundraising?! I feel some organising coming on...

Anyway - it has certainly provided a source of motivation to walk the dog for longer and longer each day, and is having a delightful side effect:

Completely exhausted. A beautiful thing.

In unrelated news - caught Trouble using his kennel today. He has refused to spend any significant time in it up until recently (apparently), I think due to his not wanting to miss anything going on. Also - caught him chewing something he is actually allowed to chew, also something he has refused to do until recently (also apparently). I gave him treats :D

A proud moment.

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