Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trouble got punked out

Picked him up from the kennels all gross and stinky, but very excited (some times I think he likes playing with all the other dogs more than playing with me and the cat) and dropped him off straight away at the groomers.

Got him a full body Mohawk - starts between his eyes and runs all the way down his back to his tail. Very, very cute.

The groomer remarked in a worried voice, "I've never had to do anything like this before..." But really - compared to all the normal poodle cuts, a Mohawk is nothing.

Its hard to see the back-mo in the dark, will try for more photos in the light. His coat acts like a black hole, as does the cats actually.

Its such a shock - after a shave you see his skinny little legs, and just how damn skinny he is- no wonder he can still fit through the cat door -despite being 1 and a half kgs over weight for the standard adult miniature-poodle specs.

Still growing too. Little monster.

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