Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I love this. Silence, and the worth of it has never really been consciously recognised (my me, I mean). Though I am perhaps the most chronic daydreamer ever, I don't make an effort to be quiet.

I like music, of an eclectic range (pretty much anything with a beat & not pop- metal, punk, orchestral, rock, opera, rap, indie), and I like it up loud.

I like talking, conversating, debating, listening to other people talk (and this is an interesting point - the more I like someone, the more willing I am to listen to them ramble. Perhaps its just the tone of voice, or just generic liking. Boys mostly, not funnily enough. On the flip side, if I dislike someone - I seem to detest the sound of their voice with a passion.)


I also seem to need background noise (personal soundtrack! Booyah!), -C4 makes an appearance during house cleaning hours; though this may also include a bit of "lonely factor".

So - not much of the being quiet.

Unless I'm angry, but that's previously covered ground. *cough*

Anyway, I like this idea. Ten minutes of enforced silence every morning, it sounds relaxing. And unless its enforced by a higher power you would never do it - there just isn't the time.

Someone should organise that shit. For the good of humanity.

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