Thursday, June 24, 2010

I see fairies

The midyear exam period is over (and holyshiteheads – midyear?!) and my exam supervising/invigilating career is finished for the moment.

It’s a bit sad to be at the end again – I actually really enjoy doing it. I like the company (its like having 50 instant grandparents) and watching the nervous little kiddies all getting their thoughts down and the scary scary exams over with. I like being super efficient at putting out exam books and collecting scripts and checking off ID slips and of course – the roving eye for dirty cheaters (more evil than an uncleaned bathroom or a messy lab bench). I like helping, and being a part of the epic machine that is The University, I like having access, or a reason to go to the Clock Tower (BooYah! Here I come position of authority and plush office...*cough*), I like being known to people about The University and seeing students not restricted to studying Genetics. I like being involved.

I always liked sitting exams during undergrad – it meant the complete bore of study was over and you could finally get all of your ideas down on paper and prove yourself. Its such an exciting time. Holidays are so close, you are being tested, everyone is nervous and the atmosphere is electric. Plus you know you will kick a little bit of ass – there’s no way someone with a modicum of common sense could fail an undergrad paper.

Anyway – during the long, quiet, mid-exam hours – the mind tends to wander.

And I see fairies.

Pretty little things that hover above the heads of students thinking hard. Of course, in every exam there is the odd person devoid of fairies (and certain of a fail paper).

The number of fairies correlates with the flow of thoughts – the colour intensity or brightness of fairies correlates with the uniqueness or originality of thought. Some of the honours students have numbers – but the best honours students have bright numbers of fairies. Fourth year Law students have masses of super dull fairies, and both Politics and Business Studies students attract mothballs instead of fairies. Or maybe it was fairy poop - it's hard to get close enough to see without coming across as creepy.

I wonder where they go during semester? Individual classes? I will have to look out for them in Departmental Seminars. There are several academics that are severely lacking in fairies I suspect. God – where do they go during the holidays?! It might explain the uplifted spirits of post grads when all the undergrads have left town – unconscious revelling in the increased fairy presence. I have a sneaking suspicion that The Sciences enjoy a greater fairy load than The Arts. Just a thought.

Exams are beautiful.

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