Thursday, June 24, 2010

I like time.

It makes so many things possible. And the thought of it makes me smile – when thinking about growing my hair long for instance. All it needs is time, nothing else. (well, some bloody expensive – but amazing, shampoo to help things along in the “health” and shine department.). Or the improvement of less-than-desirable-skin when starting a new potion – all it needs is time to work and your skin won’t look like a 15 year old boys. Even the hope, that in time, you might one day encounter that one person who can match your strength of will. Consider that period of time to wait before you are a Prof. with a mill Nature/Science papers to your name and funding coming out of your ears, a beautiful house and a massive family...

Such a pleasant thought.

And then you think about how fast time is passing at the moment, and all that time you had left in your schedule to finish your PhD is running the fuck out.

But making your hair grow faster at the same time.

Is the trade off worth it?!

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